Tieshan Oil

Tieshan Oil (TO) is located in Sub B23, No. 1, YanFu Road, FangShang District BeiJing City, PRC (北京市房山区阎村镇阎富路1号-B23) PRC.

Tieshan commenced business operations in November 2005 and has operated continuously since that date.

 TO’s management team includes:

Cui Wen; General Manager and Sales Manager

Kang Weibing; Technician

Zhang Shulan;Logistical Manager

Liu Mengyang; Accounting Manager

TO’s business model is to acquire a variety of chemical products and compounds extracted and processed from crude oil to produce refined oil products. TO’s staff is small but very professional and expert in this field. They have successfully identified several sources of supply and new sources present themselves from time to time as the marketplace for such materials knows TO’s high quality reputation.

TO has a multiple clients base from date of incorporation, including 2  gasoline operators in China named YanDong Petrol Group and YanDong Hao Teng. All TO’s clients are licensed “gasoline operators”.

The compounds, chemicals and products traded to TO include:

  • Methyl tert-butyl ether
  • Mineral oil
  • Paraffin Oil
  • Petrolatum Liquid
  • Alcohol Based Liquid Fuel
  • 2, 2, 4-Trimethylpentane
  • Pentane Foamer
  • Natural Gasoline
  • Xylene
  • Dimethylbenzene
  • Aromatics Solvent

The demand for these products remains strong as The PRC continues to grow both its industrial and consumer markets. 

This is a dynamic market subject to fluctuations and unexpected changes brought on by both political and market matters, Nevertheless, Tieshan has successfully managed the impact of such factors and remains an important part of  the refining oil industry in Beijing city (Capital of China) 


Admall is a wholly owned subsidiary of Phoenix Rising Companies, Inc.

Admall generates revenue from multiple avenues with much coming from online marketing. BUT…the reader must understand that Admall is more than just another online vendor. Admall is a rapidly growing community of upwardly mobile people who want the very most life has to offer.

Driven by science Admall is always focused on the needs of its community. The areas of products and services include Biotech, Education, Financial Markets and Human Astrology. The four pillars of Admall.

Admall meets the needs of their community in unique and leading-edge ways in each area. 

Admall offers life improving products like ProLive. This protocol addresses 4 levels of Body Organization (Organ Systems, Individual Organ Function, Tissue Integrity and Cell Function) All ProLive products are designed to support the natural processes of disease reversal, healing and mitochondrial repair.

Admall has exclusive rights in our primary Asian markets to the full line of Arginine products from US based Arginine Miracle. These products are the best known of their type and they support healthy cardio systems by dramatically increasing natural production of Nitric Oxide.

One of Admall’s newest offerings is our new Korean designed genetic testing solutions which creates individually tailored recommendations for members of the Admall community.

There is much more. Learn about Admall by visiting www.admall.my

Under the direction of founder Dato Patrick Tan Admall continues the search for the newest and best technologies and products which fit our model and the needs of our community within our 4 pillars.

Wandi Coal Mining project

Phoenix Rising Companies owns 100% of Wandi Coal Mining project.

This asset was acquired for stock in 2020.

The Wandi project consists of a resource deposit of 24.005 million tons of clean, low-sulfur, thermal coal. The percentage recovery of comprehensive mining area in layer 2 and layer 1 is 80% and 90% respectively; evaluated and utilized recoverable reserves is 19.572 million tons.

The production scope is 0.9 million tons/year. The evaluation and calculation length is 17.73 years (mining service length is 16.73 years and preparation term is 1 year)

On December 31, 2017 the project was evaluated to be 815B yuan (~$1.12B USD). This has potential to become the new largest revenue generator for the company.

As China strives to become a global clean energy citizen, only select coal mines are approved. Many coal deposits do not meet a certain standard. The Wandi Coal Mine Project qualifies under said criteria and have been one of coal mines to win approval under China’s improved and updated guidelines. In addition, Wandi has a contract in place with one of China’s biggest coal mine operators who will manage the day to day coal production.

A great deal of infrastructure and equipment is on sight and owned by Wandi. Some start costs are required. The estimated initial cost of project expenses is approximately $10M: (equipment, modernizing the facility and initial operation expenses)

Under Audit