Park City Utah/ACCESSWIRE/10 August 2020/Phoenix
Rising Companies (FKA Resort Savers, Inc OTCQB:RSSV) is
pleased to announce the forthcoming formation of a
specific-purpose subsidiary.
The Company is forming a Nevada corporation as a wholly
owned subsidiary for the purpose of acquiring, marketing
and selling infectious control products and supplies in the
The subsidiary will be named PRX BIOMED.
DS Chang, CEO, said; “As we are contemplating
acquisitions of multiple infectious control manufacturing
and marketing companies, each having patents for
solutions, devices and unique methods of action, we want
to be ready to introduce their offerings in US markets as
soon as the acquisitions are completed and regulations
permit such sales.”
He went on further, “The recent appointment of Eric Fuller
to the Board of Directors and VP of US Sales was with a
view towards this development.”
In a release dated 13 May, 2020, the Company announced
having entered into a term sheet to acquire an Infection
Control and Disinfection Technology Company. The due
diligence process for this and other potential acquisitions
The acquisition candidates are already making sales in
Central Europe, South America, The Middle East and
China. The continuation and increase of these sales will be
expected in any completed deal and said sales would then
be a part of the Company.
Mr. Fuller has decades experience in many aspects of the
medical devices and products industry including sales,
presentation, regulatory approval, manufacturing, design,
and development.
According to Market Insight Reports in a July 2020 release
the worldwide market for Medical Disinfection and
Sterilization equipment will grow from 2.8 Billion USD in
2019 to 3.8 Billion by 2025.
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