Management Team

DS Chang

Chairman, CEO 



DS Chang, a Frenchman, started his professional career over 25 years ago working for one of the top 20 firms in France. Later he had a very successful 16 years within the IT industry, acting as a financial specialist and long-term Corporate Director. In 2013, DS Chang became the Vice-Chairman at a French financial group, a listing sponsor for NYSE-Euronext. His clients included companies from different countries across the globe. DS Chang is fluent in French, English and Mandarin.

In 2016, DS Chang started his own financial services company, SGCI, with bases in Paris, London, Frankfurt, Hong Kong and Taipei, providing consulting services regarding issues such as lease financing, term financing, project financing, investment funds, funds management, corporate restructuring, and company reorganization.

Dato’ Sri Dr. Patrick Tan

Founder and Chairman of ADMALL Sdn Bhd

Mr. Tan, a Malaysian, has had a lengthy career in network marketing, consumer products and product development. He has been awarded a Doctorate of Business Administration by Hong Kong’s Victoria University. He has been awarded honorary degrees by Shenzen University, China; Sabi University, France; Carlton College, USA; and the California University of International Business Studies.

Mr Tan has received more than a dozen recognitions form prestigious organizations all over the world.
He has been world leader in sales for an international network marketing company with headquarters in the United States.

Lucy Liu


Ms Liu, a Canadian, started her professional career 25 years ago, at a government agency in China and was in charge of the procurement department. Later on, she started her own international trading and consulting business. As a consultant for 10 top companies in Europe, she had been representing these companies to make very successfully deals with the Chinese government. Throughout the years, she has built up a very strong relationship with Chinese government networks, as well as making many connections in the financial industry worldwide.


In 2013, Lucy Liu became the director in China for a financial company belonging to the SGCI Group, who was a listing sponsor for NYSE-Euronext. At the time, she worked on projects involving many Chinese state-owned enterprises for the One-Belt & One-Road initiative, providing financial solutions. Since 2016, Lucy Liu has joined SGCI’s HQ as the Vice President responsible for Asia, focusing on the China-Mainland market. She is providing consulting services for IPOs, RTOs, fund raising, overseas mergers and acquisitions, investments and financing services for many large enterprises, including state-owned companies.