Park City Utah/ACCESSWIRE/July 24 2020/ Phoenix Rising Companies’ (FKA Resort Savers, Inc.) OTCQB: RSSV announced that ADMALL a wholly owned subsidiary  has begun exploring the prospect of expanding its marketing into the United States, Western Europe, Australia and other Western markets.

ADMALL products include supplements and lifestyle products for wellness and beauty some of which are designed to genetically enhance cells at the DNA level. ADMALL’s business model is based on science driven solutions for issues which are visited upon modern society by stresses, toxins, and depleted nutrient food.

As an example, the Prolive line of products, included in the ADMALL lineup, are scientifically formulated to support the natural process of disease reversal, healing, and mitochondrial repair with the goal of returning the individual to optimal balance and function.

These products are being well received in ADMALL’s primary Asian markets so an expansion to the west seems like the next logical move. Patrick Tan, President of ADMALL and Director of Phoenix stated, “We have the chance to do much good for both our customers and shareholders by exploring the possibilities offered in many substantial western markets with so many affluent customers”.

The ADMALL Biotech wellness centers offer genetic testing services from Korea to provide customers with tailored, personalized plans for enhanced results.

According to the Global Wellness Institute, in 2018 The worldwide market for personal care, beauty and Anti-Aging hit nearly 1.1 trillion USD with the largest segments being in western countries. Annual industry growth is about 6.5%. Gross profit margins in these products are often at 50% of sales prices.

In 2019 ADMALL contributed nearly $600,000 to the company’s total revenue of nearly $30,000,000.00. DS Chang, CEO of Phoenix Rising Companies, has said “I see the opportunity for ADMALL to be a larger part of Phoenix’s total worldwide picture by adding new markets. The products are good and exciting. I think customers will be pleased. I envision the possibility of a future where ADAMLL is producing several million in revenue with more than 25% going to the bottom line.”

Through associates, the Company has contact with major US distribution channels in the health and wellness industry. Presently, methods of using these associations are being considered.

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