Diversity, Equity, Phoenix Results. Portfolio Diversity, Phoenix Results. Portfolio EQUITY, Diversity, Equity, Phoenix Results. Portfolio


Phoenix Rising Companies Inc operates under the direction of a team of internationally diverse (French, Canadian, Malaysian and American) industrialists headed by DS Chang. The Company objectives include enhancing shareholder value by careful selection of investment opportunities in industries with strategically advantageous opportunity and companies with unique competitive advantages.

We See Great Potential

We see great potential in socially responsible energy, modern mining, consumer products, scientifically discovered nutritional supplements, real estate and rising technologies like infection control. We continue to pursue and enhance our existing investments in these industries.

In the future we look to increased investments like these together with expansion into other areas including manufacturing, agriculture, healthcare and more.


The Phoenix Rising Companies Core Values have been articulated by Chairman and President DS Chang and can be summed up in a few distinct phrases as follows.


We aim to invest in growth businesses which will be here today, tomorrow and long into the future, serving customers and leading industries.


Our owners and stake holders have trusted us with money and resources which we hold as a sacred responsibility to build enterprises which return profits for the benefit of all involved.


We choose to be in businesses which strengthen the communities in which we operate while meeting the needs of customers and improving the lives of our employees.


The future is too far to be seen….but when it arrives we want Phoenix Rising Companies to be there, providing services, meeting needs, delivering products and on a greater scale than we can imagine today.